What to Expect At
Digital Health for Pharma

DH4P is the leading Digital Health conference specifically developed for pharmaceutical and life science commercial organizations.

Co-created by Evolution Road and the Digital Pharma Series teams, this event serves to educate life science organizations on how best to leverage digital tools to enhance the commercial model of health and pharma; while also educating patients and bridging the gap between knowledge and information, pre-commercial and commercialization.

Join us and explore four core leverage models of learning.


ACCELERATE: Evaluate the current rapidly evolving climate, further accelerated by the pandemic, to advance digital health strategies that can be leveraged by every life science organization from digitally naïve to digitally mature

 COMMERCIALIZE: Leverage digital health to demonstrate the value of life science brands to providers and payers in improving patient health outcomes

 COLLABORATE: Profile partnerships that enable life science commercial teams to meet customer unmet needs with digital health solutions

 INNOVATE: Understand how telemedicine and other forms of digital care are redefining the customer experience and customer expectations and develop solutions to serve to the patient’s needs


 Audience Overview

This conference attracts SVPs, VPs, Directors, Heads and Mangers from the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries whose responsibilities include:

Digital Health


Digital Innovation

Business Development & In-Licensing

Digital Marketing

Clinical Innovation/Operations

Digital Business Development/Solutions


Commercial Excellence/Strategy/Operations

Brand/Product Management

Patient Solutions/Engagement

R&D Communications